Imagine the possibilities Now you can play and watch all major VIDEO GAMES, Movies and TV shows on an almost life sized TV! You can project the image on to a wall or screen, it doesn't matter, it will look great either way. Movies look tremendous! Use it with a computer monitor to make amazing presentations!
Be the Envy of All Your Friends!
You'll experience life-size television that is more than four times larger than what your neighbors are watching next door. Be the envy of all your friends as they beg you to tell them how you did it. Show them how your new home theater works -- or keep the secret all to yourself. It's up to you!

For a limited time only $19.95!!!


"Realize your dream of A Big TV For Less Than 100 Bucks!"
- Watch a big screen TV in your own home, without costing you tons of money
- Play your favourite video game on a life sized screen.
- We have the well kept big screen TV industry secret that will allow you to turn your existing TV into an amazing home theatre system!
- Save thousands of dollars

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We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied or your money back!!
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